Experience a team-building experience for your company to remember at Alta Ripa.

Team building at its best at Alta Ripa

Looking for the ultimate place to organise an unforgettable teambuilding event?

At Alta Ripa, located in the heart of Oud-Turnhout, you’ve come to the right place! We offer a unique environment for all kinds of teambuilding activities.

As an experienced family business, we are committed to giving your team an extraordinary experience, focusing on collaboration, communication and, of course, … fun!

succesvolle opdrachten


At Alta Ripa, we love a bit of creative thinking and flexibility! We therefore have a close collaboration with companies offering activities tailored to your team’s specific needs and objectives. From fun outdoor activities to creative workshops and interactive training sessions, we will make sure your team experiences a day they will never forget!

Why choose Alta Ripa for your team building?

  • Unique location: Our beautiful castle farm and extensive gardens provide the perfect setting and space for a day full of team-building activities.
  • Professional guidance: Our experienced team is on hand to guide you through all the activities, ensuring that everything runs smoothly in terms of time, space and food.
  • Flexibility: Whether you are looking for a half-day teambuilding or a multi-day programme, we adapt to your needs and schedule.
  • Tailor-made catering: Enjoy delicious culinary delights during your team building, catered by our professional kitchen team.

Examples of teambuildings at Alta Ripa

  • Percussion: The group will be dragged into a real spectacle where we build up to a real musical experience. Head empty, full of energy and with a sense of strong connection, participants will remember the session. The result is amazing!
  • (Cross) Archery: With its combination of precision, concentration and teamwork, archery offers a unique and exciting experience. An afternoon of archery guarantees fun, competition and stronger bonds within the team. Ready to tighten the bow and reach the goal together?
  • Let’s connect & collab: At Connect & Collab! it’s all about connection, fun and energy. Together with your team, you take on the challenge of scoring as many points as possible by solving challenging tasks. Only with an “all-for-one” mentality can your team be successful. The more teams participate, the bigger the competition!
  • Play it nice, break the ice: As soon as the game starts, each screen is given a colour or pattern. Everyone will look for 3 other participants with the same background to form a team. Each team will then be given 2 minutes to solve a fun and challenging puzzle task. In this, each participant has 1 part of the puzzle on his or her screen. Only by working well together can a team arrive at the solution.
  • Escape room experience: Enter a mysterious world full of riddles, puzzles and hidden clues in the specially designed escape room. Work with your team to escape before time runs out and discover how well you can work together under pressure.

Why is team building important for your business?

It contributes to team spirit

Team building activities create connection within a team. Taking on challenges in group and celebrating successes creates a strong team spirit that fosters cooperation and positively affects the working atmosphere.

Encourages cooperation and communication

In addition, team building encourages cooperation and communication within the team, which is very important for achieving common goals and solving problems. Through interactive and challenging activities, team members learn to communicate effectively with each other and join forces to achieve goals.

Development of leadership skills

Moreover, it helps develop leadership skills as team members have the opportunity to take on leadership roles and learn how to motivate and inspire others. By leading team-building activities, employees can strengthen their leadership skills and exert a positive influence on their colleagues.

Teambuilding at Alta Ripa

Organising a team building has nothing but benefits.

Interested in an unforgettable team building experience at Alta Ripa?

Then contact us and let us organise your ideal teambuilding event!