Let's make it an unforgettable party together!

grote zaal mix hoge en lage tafels

Organising a fantastic staff party

Looking for the perfect setting for an unforgettable staff party? A staff party that all colleagues will talk about for a long time to come? Start by choosing a unique venue that not only offers the right facilities but also has an intimate atmosphere.

In every company or business, people work hard. Every now and then to slow down is necessary. Hosting a staff party for all employees is the way to show appreciation.

Alta Ripa is one of those unique places where every detail contributes to an unforgettable staff party. We offer a comprehensive knowledge from banquet hall to catering and entertainment. Together, we will make your staff party an experience your colleagues will not soon forget.

Alta Ripa: years of expertise in organising any staff party

Alta Ripa stands out for its beautiful location in Oud-Turnhout. We are a family-run business that has been organising unique parties for more than 45 years. We know that people come from all over Belgium and the Netherlands for a great staff party. Everyone at the corporate event gets a top-notch experience, there is ample parking for up to 500 cars and if it gets too late, you can book a hotel night at Hotel Best Western Plus Turnhout City which we have a partnership with. So everything is provided!

Staff parties can be as little as 50 people but we have the capacity to host 1,000.

A complete experience for your staff party

Culinary experience

At Alta Ripa, culinary quality is key. Our chefs passionately create tasty dishes that we can put together for your staff party. Whether you choose a classic dinner, a trendy buffet or a walking dinner, we will make sure the food will be one of the highlights of your party.

More exclusivity? You can! Invite your business partners for an exclusive experience. From culinary delights to unique decoration, we tailor everything to your needs.

Mood and decoration

The right mood is very important for giving and organising a successful staff party. Our experienced decorators will work with you to create an environment perfectly suited to any theme or style. From elegant table decorations to atmospheric lighting, we provide the right look to perfectly suit your staff party.

Entertainment and activities

A staff party is not complete without entertainment. Whether you are looking for a DJ, a live band, interactive performers or a playful act, Alta Ripa has the contacts and experience to arrange it for you. We think with you and we are excellent intermediaries if you want to book a particular artist, for example.

Planning and organisation

At Alta Ripa, we understand that organising a staff party can be a big task. That is why we are ready to meet your needs. From the initial planning to the day of the event, our team ensures that everything runs smoothly so that everyone at the party can enjoy themselves to the full.

Personnel party at Alta Ripa

Choosing Alta Ripa means choosing a venue where professionalism, quality and attention to detail come together to make your staff party unforgettable. Our location in Oud-Turnhout is visited by people who come from far and wide. Why? Precisely because we offer that unforgettable experience. A staff party during the day or in the evening, we make sure it will be talked about for years to come.

As a family-run business, we believe 100% in the added value we can offer when organising a staff party.

A location that always offers added value...